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About Crowefire Marketplace

 Cat Crowefire is a person and a  company that creates several community hubs to bring people together and change the status quo from everyone struggling in an individualistic broken down society to a harmonious society where we rise together co-elevating each other and everyone is given opportunities to thrive. You can check out more about Crowefire and the other community projects at

The creator of Crowefire, Cat Rowe, was in an aboriginal drumming band whose name meant Fireweed as in the bright purple flower native to the area in British Columbia, Canada where the drumming group played in. This flower was beautiful, medicinal, and spread like wildfire hence its name. Even though I was not first nations, the drumming group welcomed me into their community, and we performed all over the province together for the next several months. In my undergrad and postgraduate studies, I was identified as “Crowe” at the universities where I studied. When I see crow spelled with an "e" I think of old English for raven. The idea behind the name Crowefire is it is an idea of a welcoming community of doing things in a love-based environment where everyone supports one another and that idea spreads like wildfire. My goal is that whether you are joining one of my communities or you are inspired by me to do things differently in your own field we are making waves and spreading beautiful flowers out into the world with our togetherness.



The mission of Crowefire Marketplace is to create opportunities for people to start businesses in a fast, affordable, accessible, and easy way. To begin to sell on Crowefire Marketplace you do not need any marketing knowledge, you do not need to know about how to use social media, you do not need a website or branding. For a reasonable monthly rate, you can begin selling right away, with support and resources at your fingertips. One person’s success on Crowefire Marketplace helps others on the site. I am aiming to create a warm encouraging environment where sellers help one another and we grow together in the community. Selling on Crowefire Marketplace you can expand your brand and build communities around topics that interest you by creating groups. These groups can be public or private and how you manage them is up to you. Selling in the marketplace is easy to navigate and use for both sellers and customers. You can sell handmade products, commercial products as well as services in the marketplace. The resources tab in the community menu is several forum discussions open to the public to give you tips starting and maintaining different business.  In the future we will have individual links for each person's store but for now you can have a  link set up for any groups you create and you can follow what other members are doing and there is a member to member chat so you can collaborate with other members on different business ideas. The goal of Crowefire Marketplace is to empower others by helping them create income streams for themselves and give them a supportive community to encourage them to stick with their businesses and to keep going with them. Subscription holders can sell unlimited products in the marketplace, can create as many community groups as they wish, they can add to forums and collaborate freely with other members. All profits sellers make on Crowefire Marketplace are their own there is no commission taken and there are no extra fees. There is only an affordable monthly subscription to pay. If 5 site visitors are referred to the site by you then you will get  one month free of your subscription.  The more we help each other grow and learn how to do business better the more traffic we will bring to the site helping all of us do better. The mission of this site is to create an uplifting atmosphere where we all rise together.

Business Ideas:

You can sell your services on this website with any skills you may have.
You can teach classes on a website like Teachable
You can become an affiliate marketer opening a store selling other people’s products at places like Clickbank.
You can design clothing and home décor with a print on demand service like Printful. that makes the items and ships it to your customers
You can create your own products and use a website like Vista Print for your packaging
Canva is a great website to use to design for branding or graphic design for clothing
Wix is an easy to use website for helping you build your own website
There are lots of good tutorials on Youtube to help you get started



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